KellieAnn Halvorsen
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A Few of Her Favorite Things
Disney Parks Links
  • Healing Mountain Massage School. KellieAnn's Alma Mater. A Wonderful School, extensive program that includes advanced training, live day-spa experience, small classes and energy/oriental training.She loved going there so much that she still works shifts in the day spa. 
  • NCTMB. National Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certification website. Answers many questions about what massage is and what it takes to be a nationally certified Massage Therapist. 
KellieAnn Halvorsen has many different interests and as such many different things she loves to share about. Follow the links below to some of her favorite places online, PDFs of her writings, and explore her favorite things. 
  • Mouseplanet.com. A great Disney Parks fan site. Weekly updates for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World gives a great look into the parks and has a more up to date refurbishment/closure schedule then official sites. There is great information here to plan your next big Disney Trip!
  • Disney Theme Park and Audio Streaming Online Radio! By far one KellieAnn's favorite Disney Parks website for a decade. SubsonicRadio streams several streams of Disney Park music, area music, ride throughs, parades, announcements and more. The best part is there is a feed where you can request what you want to hear.  
  • The Official Disney Parks Blog. KellieAnn loves the Disney Parks Blog! It is full of wonderful preview and insights of what is going on in the parks. Visit at least once a week to read the weekly recap. 

  • KellieAnn's Community Theater. KellieAnn practically grew up on stage and in the shows of this wonderful community arts program. It helped shape her into the person she is today and inspired her Drama Princess book. Don't forget to support your local arts programs!
  • Church Primary Lessons Help. Sugardoodle is a great resource for planning gospel lessons for the primary kids and other little ones in your life. 
  • BatWondy! KellieAnn loves DC Comics and her OTP is non other then Batman and Wonder Woman. Apparently the writers at Girls-Gone-Geek feel the same way.